We offer 100% pure, unfiltered, unadulterated Hungarian honey with all the flavour, colour and nutrients you deserve when you use honey. No preservatives, antibiotics, chemical remains, flavorings and additives of any kind are used in our honey. The honey of Mézes-kert Ltd. has never been melted, or filtered. Because it has not been heated, it contains live vitamines and enzymes. It contains lot of pollen because it has not been filtered.

Honey, a gift of the nature

Today, honey is not simply sweetmeat, but much more than it. Honey is an important part of our nutrition, it supplies our body with almost every necessary nutrients.

It’s a perfect sweetener with strong antioxidant potential, much healthier than artificial sweeteners or granulated sugar. Its simple sugars (glucose and fructose) can be adsorbed easily, they are not stored in the body, so it is not fattening. The acids of honey improve digestion and increase appetite. Its carbohydrates stimulate of podution of endorfin, so it has mood-bettering effect. Honey contains a lot of mineral substances, trace elements, and vitamins, strengthens our immune system. Due its extremely low moisture content, honey is an excellent antiseptic.

About Us

The Mézes-Kert Ltd. was founded in November of 2002.

During the work only Hungarian bought up and natural honey is prepared and bottled, then sold at the Hungarian and international market as ready product.

The processing factory of the company is at the foot of Mátra mountains near the no. 3 main road, in Tófalu village. In the beautiful, ecological clean flood area of Tarna river, where the factory is, people dealed with beekeeping as far back as 1773.

According to the period memoranda and maps the largest apiary of the environs was here (Binen Garten). Building on the basis of this century old tradition we established our enterprise in a nearly two hectare garden which contains more than one hundred kinds of native and exotic plants. We strive to have a relationship with our customers which is based on confidence and cooperation, so we are partners in fulfilling individual demands.


Acacia honey

Our acacia honey is of golden colour, rich, smooth and very tasty. The smell of our acacia honey is mild, its taste is sweeter than that of most kind of monohoney, while its acid content is lower than that of them.

Polyflora honey

Our polyflora honey is robust in flavour and comes from a large variety of floral sources that are native to the Northeast-Hunagrian region. Our nectar honey generally contains slightly more vitamins and antioxidants compared to other honeys that are lighter in colour.

Polyflora honey in sachet

Polyflora honey in 10g and 20g sachet ideal for serving tea and coffee and is used in HoReCa sector.

Acacia honey

Acacia honey with pollen

Polyflora honey

Acacia honey with propolis

Acacia honey with royal jelly

Contact Us

The processing factory of the company is at the foot of Mátra mountains near the no. 3 main road, in Tófalu village.

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